Is it time your facility considered a security upgrade to electronic access control? 

Does your facility have highly sensitive areas such as pharmaceuticals, personnel records, server rooms, or cash rooms? 

Have a need to audit employee entrances and exits?

Eastway Lock & Key, Inc. offers a wide array of solutions for your access control needs.  We offer stand alone systems and multiple door controls.  Hardwired or wireless solutions are also available.  
          Electronic Access Control Advantages:

If an access credential is lost or an employee leaves the company, it can be removed with a simple mouse click, instantly preventing future access.

Each person is accountable for a unique access credential.  This is done to ensure control, accountability, and tracking of individual access.

Electronic access control is flexible.  Multiple schedules, holidays, and various access points are available for each credential enabling customization.

Audit trail capabilities are also provided for reporting of activity in a specific area and time. Tracking of invalid access attempts is also provided.

Access control systems reduce re-keying costs and provide a high level of security.

Eastway Lock & Key, Inc. promotes electronic access control as an integral part of our security offering. 

Call us at 704.347.1088 or use the contact us form provided to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists. Its not too late to begin securing your facility today.

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